Summary Of Experience

Pipe Stress Analysis Modelling, Calculations and Assessment

Equipment Specification and purchasing / installation contract administration and supervision.

Machinery Acceptance and Performance Testing

Machinery Design and Safety Specialists

General Work Related Risk Assessments

European Union Directive Conformance (CE Marking),including ATEX, Pressure Equipment and Machinery Directives

Flammable Atmosphere Hazardous Area Classification (and equipment selection)

Explosion Risk Assessment

Explosion Protection Documents

Material Selection Corrosion Prevention

Equipment Maintenance Solutions

Equipment Refurbishment Expertise

Marine Equipment Specialists

Familiar and Experienced with following equipment types : –

API Pharmaceutical Process Plants, Down Flow Booths, Blenders, Centrifuges, Reactors, Rosenmund Dryers, Tablet Presses and much more including Utility Equipment such as Boilers, Chillers, AHU, Fire Protection Installations

Powder Handling, Tabletting and Packaging Equipment

Biological Pharmaceutical Process Plants

Power Generation Equipment including Gas Turbines, Diesel, Spark Ignition Engines and Auxilliary Systems.

Underground Installations Fixed Equipment including Crushers, Hoist and Pumping Systems.

Underground / Earth Moving Mobile Plant such as Loaders, Trucks, Jumbo Drill Rigs etc

Oil Refining Process Equipment and Wharf Facilities such as Ship Loading and Unloading equipment.

Electronic Manufacturing Process Equipment, yes, I have worked with Chip-shooters, Conveyor Systems, Solder Baths and other PCB manufacturing equipment. 

Waste Water Treatment Plant (yes, I have lots of experience there, mad isn’t it !)

Pulp / Paper Milling. Hard to believe I have worked on this equipment in Poland !

Material Selection and Corrosion Control. A vital peice of knowledge when working with pressurised highly toxic chemicals in pharmaceautical industry !

Special Interest  –  “Expertise Nautique, Surveys, Advice and Guidance on All Embarcations”


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